Pure Jade Face Roller Beauty Tool
Pure Jade Face Roller Beauty Tool
Pure Jade Face Roller Beauty Tool
Pure Jade Face Roller Beauty Tool
Pure Jade Face Roller Beauty Tool

Pure Jade Face Roller Beauty Tool

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Roll your way to a more youthful complexion.

The pure jade face roller is a beauty tool for facial massage and facilitating easy, and even facial oil application, allowing the oil to penetrate the skin more deeply.  Stimulate blood circulation in your face and lymphatic drainage for a less puffy, healthier, toned, and glowing complexion.

Pure jade is a grounding crystal that feels smooth and cool to the touch helping to decompress skin inflammation and muscle tension. Jade, sacred in many cultures, is known as a healing and cleansing stone and removes bad, stagnant energy. With its use feel an aural cleanse and release toxins stored in the facial muscles. Care for your skin and psyche alike with this simple and divine beauty tool.

*Colors vary from pale creamy green to dark olive green

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Keep Your Products Fresh & Safe

  • Make sure you keep the bottle's cap tightly closed when not using the product to help retain its freshness
  • Store out of direct sunlight, ideally use the tin box that comes with the product
  • On-the-go: always use the tin box that comes with the product when traveling or on-the-go to protect your other belongings from unwanted spillage and the bottle from breaking
  • Refrigerate (optional): For ultimate freshness try to keep the product in your refrigerator, your skin will thank you for it!

Usage Tips from the Pros

  • Wash your face using a soap or cleanser (for best results)
  • Place a few drops of oil on your fingertips: Start with just a couple of drops for the first few days and work your way up to more (if needed)
  • Apply the face oil by patting gently on slightly damp or dry face (see what feels best for you)
  • Don't forget to inhale the aroma as part of the therapy and let the natural aromas work magic! Your nose will notice subtle variations in the aroma each day, meaning the active botanicals are doing what they should, awaking your senses
  • Pass your hands through your hair after applying the oil to the skin for extra shine/hydration
  • Mix a drop or 2 into other skin products you might use (make-up included) for extra moisturization 
  • Repeat daily! Enjoy!

Reuse & Recycle

We designed our products' packaging keeping in mind its reusability and its minimum impact on the environment. This can only be achieved if you also contribute towards this goal with a few simple recommended actions:

  1. Reuse: make sure to reuse any of the packaging material (mailing box) as well as the special tin box, once the product has finished. Ideas include: use the tin box to keep your q-tips, hairbands, pens, tea! 
  2. Recycle: The paper, glass, and tin are all recyclable

    From the Creator


    I truly believe that a sustainable and balanced skincare routine should be minimal.  This is why our facial oils are multi-functional. In terms of extra care for oxygenating the skin and keeping it youthful and glowing, I love the facial tools gua sha and the roller. They are low-tech and do the job well. Using more natural elements of course, we fell in love with pure green jade stone. The green reminds us of emerald Mediterranean seas and the inspiring Prickly Pear plant. The gua sha stone is even shaped like a Prickly Pear paddle. These two tools also look beautiful in the bathroom, like two sculptural pieces or artefacts – no plastic here! I also enjoy the de-stressing benefit of these tools, each in their own way.

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