Inspiration From Experience

Opuntia Luxury Oils embodies the raw beauty of the Mediterranean,

where simple luxury meets wild nature, evocative of summer splendor. Opuntia Luxury Oils was conceived under the Grecian sun, on a wild Mykonian beach, where partners and couple Kassandra and Achilles were dreaming of an all-natural, real solution for damaged, lackluster skin. Sunken into nature, this illuminated moment led to intense immersion into the world of natural perfumery and skincare. The unisex formulas are made in Athens. Our pure botanical oils enhance your skin and mood, naturally, for a more radiant and mindful you.

"Enjoy a new standard in beauty and health."

Kassandra, Co-Founder

A bit about us and our story….

To follow the nose is to follow inspiration and instinct; this philosophy inspired my life’s journey. As a young girl my avid nose was a portal to many rich worlds, both visited and imaginary; fragrance became both the freedom to dream and to travel instantaneously.  My father traveled often bringing me home perfumes from the airports and exotic candies made with flowers or herbs. Perfume, or aroma, became a mode of travel and nostalgia, bridging me to loved ones and far off places. Always recognizing a passing perfume by name or detecting herbs in dishes served far away, my parents marveled at my easy detection of scents.  Taste and Smell were two senses I was known for, I was even invited often to dine with my friends parents at fine restaurants as they were amused at my keen taste and love for fine foods. Teenage years were marked with fragrant milestones; this is how I would remember people and places and weave the story of my life…

It was only a matter of time before I became tired of artificial & synthetic ingredients in perfumes and daily products; the pang of intrigue on first smell quickly faded, falling flat.  My hunger for journey-inducing fragrances was left to be satiated only by natural smells.

When I was young, I suffered from sensitive and dry skin all over. My mother tried many hydrating creams to soothe and moisturize my skin, none seemed to help much. She gave me warm oatmeal baths which was really effective and a great sensation (although I always wanted the baths hotter)! Fortunately my condition settled and my skin behaved much better during my teenage years. Passing my Twenties, the arid and at times scorching conditions in the Mediterranean, and the increasingly aggressive environmental conditions of today's city life, were strong factors leading to overall skin despair. I suddenly became aware of the effect stress, time and environmental hazard plays on the skin and felt it was time to get a skin regimen going. I was disappointed with the myriads of ineffective skincare products on the market and needed proper attention for my skin malaise. I tried many hydrating creams, which like before, did not have lasting effects or feel right. Monotonous, synthetic fragrances in everyday skincare products have blocked the real (psychological and physical) benefits of bio-active aromas and this became another pain point for me when trying to find decent skincare.

Then, one summer day, some years ago, sunken into nature on a secluded beach on the hedonistic island of Mykonos, with Achilles, my then boyfriend, now husband and business partner, hair whipping freely in the wind and bodies darkening under Apollo’s golden rays... a slight intoxication was felt.  With the natural surroundings and essence of vacation-mode inspiring us, the idea to create natural oil remedies for the skin was born. Daydreams of a pure world with natural aromas, glowing skin, and romance emboldening the spirit, led me to my little epiphany. I wanted to create fragrant botanical oils that would honor the skin (our largest and most visible organ) while elevating the spirit.  This illuminated, blissful moment led to a year of intense immersion into the world of natural perfumery and skincare. I read up on the olfactory system, on great Nose’s of the world, the history of perfume, and on society’s obsession with masking natural scents with fabricated ones and the toxicity and danger of this new norm. This norm was like placing a blindfold on our eyes and then learning to walk with a cane.

Combining my favorite essential oils for their mood-enhancing aromas and skincare properties with luxurious nutrient-rich base oils, we created natural skincare with aromas that develop and blossom under your nose! Organic Prickly Pear-seed oil is the star oil, offering a supreme texture, quick absorbency and high quality hydration and anti-aging properties. It was amazing how Prickly Pear cactus grew wildly all over the Mediterranean and yet its skincare benefits seemed virtually unknown.

Our first batch of products was hand-crafted in our studio apartment under the Acropolis in Athens, driven by a great will to share and test the products with friends and family from all over the globe.  It felt incredible to hear that people were “addicted” to the oils and that their skin “craved it”; the unanimously positive feedback led to heavy demand. With me developing the products and Achilles fueling and grounding the vision, the Revival Face oils series launched and before we knew it we had a loyal following!

In these skincare products we have immortalized that beautiful, plush moment of illumination on that magical beach.  The oils were born from need but seeing Greece from a tourist’s perspective and also as a native (with my Greek heritage from my father), I was able to seize the joyful essence of the luxurious Mediterranean summer and incorporate it into our brand.  I grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia but as a family we spent every summer cruising the Greek Seas. The memories of the way people expressed themselves, the food, the dancing, the late nights, the sea, and the beauty all mesmerized me. My senses came alive whether eating something with fresh oregano, smelling the sea air, diving into the late August sea, or listening to Greek music with its Eastern instrumentals and longing vocals. The unrivaled beauty of the country and its myriads of sensual delights beckoned me and thus I landed there after traveling to and fro.

Following my studies at the New School in New York and after spending some years in Colorado, Southern Spain and Morocco, I finally settled in my beloved Greece where I continued my family legacy in luxury yacht chartering, offering others the experience I was fortunate to have growing up. Some of my favorite memories were on boats, destination unknown, taking naps in the warm sun while my salty hair dried in the breeze. The smell of the pine trees in our favorite cove and the way the cicadas screeched when it was too hot meant lazy days and nights with skinny dipping.

We believe that luxury is not fabricated but the pleasure of natural abundance, the ability to relish it, and honoring our senses and primal being. Healthy, glowing, nourished skin without sacrifice, generating a sense of empowerment and well-being is our gift to you.

Achilles and I keep the philosophy of the brand at heart, and don’t miss a day or night without applying the precious oils!

Let's Do This Together

Our brand reflects our ideals, what we care about and believe in, day in and out. Consumers can say ‘YES’ to sustainability through their choices. We are proud to be a brand with transparency, offering sustainable, cruelty-free products from ingredients to packaging, helping you make the best choices for guilt-free, empowered shopping and self-care!

We believe in being kind to the planet, animals, others and ourselves, this is why our products are organic and vegan, made to minimize our carbon footprint while improving our role as conscientious consumers and citizens!

Let’s do this together… With every bottle purchased, we plant one tree!



As Reforestation partners with One Tree Planted, a non-profit organization, Opuntia Luxury Oils plants 1 tree for every 1 bottle sold, actively participating in the planet’s reforestation. One bottle purchased = One tree planted. We couldn't do this without your support.

About One Tree Planted

This charity based in Shelburne Vermont plants trees in North America, South America, Asia, and Africa. Most of their projects help with restoration from forest fires and floods, as well as job creation, community building, and habitat protection for biodiversity.

“A tree says: A kernel is hidden in me, a spark, a thought, I am life from eternal life….. I was made to form and reveal the eternal in my smallest special detail.”  ~Herman Hesse

Learn more at ONE TREE PLANTED