The Rise of Greek Beauty: Balance Above All

Kassandra Lefakinis and Achilles Kyrtsis spent time as a young couple absorbed in offering what they consider to be "the good life" to others.  A dose of balance in an otherwise 'up and down' world. 

Crisis or no crisis, this beauty line was destined to be produced and offered to the public!  

With so many toxic and inefficient skincare products on the market, Kassandra began creating an alternative, starting with a solution for the sensitive skin of the face. The Revival skincare line of Opuntia Luxury Oils was thus born.

Not only have the products been met with great applaud by beauty editors and customers from around the world, but they represent a philosophy that is welcome in today's uncertain world.  Why, after all, with its daily presence in our lives, can't skincare be a mode or philosophy of living too?

Kassandra points out the fundamental necessity of knowing when a change is needed whether be it in your skincare regimen or your life.  “Be aware of when you need to recenter yourself and don’t be afraid of adopting new lifestyle habits in order to achieve that. Our oils help one reset their mind to attain more balance and also offer a very easy, noncomplicated way to upkeep an element of self-care daily.”

Adopting the ritual of self-care, "clean beauty", and keeping sustainability at the forefront of the consumer mindset, is part of the refreshing Opuntia immersive experience and outloook.

Drop by drop, hope is restored through both the usage of these natural facial oils and through the process of becoming one with your higher self, offered in such a beauty line.

From conception to realization, read more about the OPUNTIA LUXURY OILS STORY HERE:

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