The amazing beauty oils that are widely used in our everyday beauty and health care offer rejuvenating and moisturizing properties and are available in a wide variety, addressing different skin types. Beauty oils are gaining more fans and women tend to prefer them, because of their soft texture and their wonderful scent. Those oils with essential oils can offer more aromatic sensations, improving one's mood and sense of well being. In addition to feminine beauty, oils may be used for both baby and men's care.  

Oils, unlike creams and emulsions, are better absorbed by the dehydrated skin, they are rich in moisturizing ingredients and they instantly enhance the beauty and glow of our skin and hair. They are thicker and more concentrated, they are usually colorless and in their optimal form are organic, without chemical impurities as they have resulted from the distillation of roots, flowers, fruits, and leaves.

The preservation of a botanical oil’s natural integrity can be determined if it is organic and in the way that it is distilled. For instance, cold-pressed distillation retains healthy antioxidant content that is otherwise damaged when exposed to heat. Cold-pressed oils are often rich in vitamin E which has anti-inflammatory and healing properties. 

Oils stay longer on the skin, moisturize it much deeper and give it a strong velvety and elastic feel. If you take a little time to massage the oils on to the skin, the benefits will be even greater as the massage relaxes the area around it and creates a beneficial hyperemia. You may even exfoliate the skin of the body or face before applying the oils, therefore you will get an even stronger hydrating effect as the oil can now seep into the open pores.

With organic beauty oils you know you are applying pure nature onto your skin which is the largest organ of your body and breaths ingredients right into your bloodstream. As we know, what is in our blood also affects our overall health and appearance.


Some of the properties of the oils are:

1. Oils are ideal for removing makeup gently but effectively. They give deep moisture as they are absorbed directly from the skin and leave it smooth. Try sweet almond oil or grapeseed oil for gentle cleansing.

  1. Oils strengthen and enhance the elasticity and hydration of the face by correcting the fine wrinkles. Try  Opuntia Luxury Oils anti-oxidant oils.
  1. For body care, oils are ideal because they have deep penetration into the skin by nourishing and moisturizing the dehydrated spots and leaving a silky feeling and look.
  1. The composition of oils is also ideal for skin tightening and cellulite problems. 
  1. Ideally, oils are just as effective in preventing and treating stretch marks. They are the only safe choice for pregnant and nursing mothers, since they are 100% natural.
  1. For tanning in the sun and solarium, you can also use a botanical oil with walnut oil or carrot oil or even raspberry seed oil for natural protection.
  1. For the infant who has soft skin, especially designed baby oils are out there but using a pure oil like sweet almond oil or coconut oil is also an option.
  1. Hair, particularly during the summer, suffers from dryness, dehydration, frizz and split ends. Oil-rich products will restore hair to its natural condition, soothe the damaged skin of our head and reduce dandruff and dry skin flaking. You can add some drops of prickly pear seed oil or argan oil into your hair products or apply directly to the ends and a bit all over for sheen.
  1. Their gentle composition allows oils to target very particular skin problems such as cuts, scratches, eczema, burns, and sores, Again, prickly pear seed oil is known for its ability to soothe skin after accidents, sunburns and cuts and, in addition, protect the skin from further damage. It is beneficial as well for its anti-inflammatory properties.
  1. Finally, oils are ideal for relaxing massages, which also enhances cell renewal, while leaving a lovely, distinctive scent on your skin depending on which oil you use and if there are essential oils in it.


Excerpts from: a site for clean beauty based in Greece

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