Greek City Times: Greek beauty products set to illuminate 2020

Prickly pear, propolis, and shimmering pigment, you need not look any further than to Greeks blazing the trail in natural beauty, a trend set to continue soaring to new heights in 2020. In this spotlight on G Beauty, GCT looks at some of the brands that have been winning over fans all around the world.

by Gina Mamouzelos

Facial oils with hydrating, anti-aging, smoothing and antioxidant properties that deliver an aromatherapy experience. Sounds too good to be true?

Thanks to husband and wife team Kassandra Lefakanis and Archilles Kyrtsis’s inspired vision on the beach in Mykonos one day, it is, in fact, a reality.

Featuring prickly pear seed oil (from the seeds of the Opuntia Fica Indicus cactus) as the main ingredient, which contains more Vitamin E than any of the beauty oils and 150 times more than argan oil, the Revival Day Oil and Revival Night Oil deliver in abundance. Other ingredients include red raspberry, geranium, neroli, Spanish sage, avocado, and wild carrot.


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