Opuntia Luxury Oils Field Study Introduction

By Kassandra Lefakinis

Opuntia Luxury Oils is conducting a field study to allow a wide range of people, UniSex - UniAge - UniSkin, to try the new REVIVAL Day & Night Face Oil set.
The participants have been asked to use the product for 30 days, and nights, in order to experience the amazing benefits first hand. Our diverse group of participants has been asked to document the changes they see and feel as a result of using the Opuntia Luxury Oils. The goal is to learn how the oils improve the quality of your skin, and the aromas enhance your overall mood as well as your sense of well being.

Opuntia Luxury Oils are specially formulated to improve skin quality, reduce redness and blotchiness. OLO softens and brightens your skin while improving the overall texture. It also improves elasticity which reduces fine lines while enhancing your mood, energy, and overall happiness.

They were asked to grade the improvement to your skin and mood after using the oil each week. Next, they were also asked to monitor and measure the improvement to your ‘problem areas’ weekly. Then they were asked to Include notes on the suppleness of your skin and the improvement to any fine lines. Finally, they were asked to gauge your overall mood and share how OLO enhances your mood and energy levels.

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