The Most Absorbable Botanical Oil on the Market


"Some of my favorite memories were on boats, destination unknown, taking naps in the warm sun while my salty hair dried in the breeze. The smell of the pine trees in our favorite cove and the way the cicadas screeched when it was too hot meant lazy days and nights with skinny dipping."

It wasn't long before Kassandra Lefakinis of Opuntia Luxury Oils realized her deep desire to embrace the beauty and lifestyle of the Mediterranean, moving permanently to Greece in 2005. Summers spent in Greece with her family and a trial run of life in Athens in 2004, was all she needed to make the leap to settle in the place of her paternal roots. 

In 2016, when she met her husband and partner, Achilles Kyrtsis, the vision for Opuntia Luxury Oils came into fruition.  Two sumptuous facial oils, the Revival Day and Night oil,  comprised of the ancient healing botanical oil, Opuntia (Prickly Pear seed oil), embody the raw beauty of the Mediterranean, where simple luxury meets wild nature. 

Crafted with the finest all-natural ingredients from the Mediterranean, the opulent recipes nourish and protect the skin while offering a unique journey, every day. 

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