GOOP: How to have a wellness weekend in Athens

Imagine yourself in the capital city of Greece, Athens, for a scrumptious weekend full of sensually delightful places, eats, drinks, and beauty regimens. 

You need the insights of an insider who has done it already, to make your few days easy-breezy, care-free, the Greek way. With a dose of classic and a twist of modern, explore the absolute best locales in Athens and the best products via Goop travel and wellness expert.  

"Whenever we visit a new city, we love to bring home a bottle of something special for our vanity, and Athens is no exception. A local friend raved about Opuntia—a unisex all-natural botanical oil company based in Athens. Founders Achilles Kyrtsis and Kassandra Lefakinis have bottled up the heady scents of prickly pear, raspberry, and other plants, flowers, and herbs indigenous to their native country. We kind of wanted to take one of each. (There’s no storefront yet, but delivery in the capital is swift.)."

athens weekend

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