13 Skincare Products 'Town & Country' Beauty Editors Swear By

From La Praire, Perricone MD to Opuntia Luxury Oils, Town & Country's savvy Beauty Editors & Director discuss what skincare and beauty products they're lusting after.  

"My skin skews dry all year long, but when winter descends, oh boy—lizard face. My no-fail solution is to layer a nourishing face oil on top of my moisturizer day and night, and right now I am utterly obsessed with the Revival duo from Opuntia. These gorgeous hydrators, which are crafted in Greece by married couple Kassandra Lefakinis and Achilles Kyrtsis, lock in moisture and support firm contours with organic prickly pear seed oil, while also acting as soothing aromatherapy, thanks to the inclusion of floral and herbaceous wonders such as geranium, neroli, lavender spike, and Spanish sage."—April Long, Beauty Director

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